STAAR Testing: May 03 - 07

Jobe Families,
The rest of our STAAR testing will take place in the next couple of weeks.  All STAAR tests must be administered in person. Please see the testing schedule for the remainder of the year.  

During each grade-level test, the other grade level not testing will be at home learning asynchronously. One exception, all students are on campus May 4 while only Algebra 1 8th graders are taking the Algebra 1 EOC.  

Please see below for important information regarding our remaining STAAR tests and some common frequently asked questions.  Remember, all 7th graders will be at home on May 6 and May 7.
Jobe STAAR Testing Information – May 3-7

  • May 4: Algebra EOC           (Normal day for most students)
  • May 6: 8th Science              (7th at home)
  • May 7: 8th Social Studies    (7th at home)

Bell Schedule
Thursday and Friday - 8th-grade students will be in their testing rooms from 8:45 AM - 12:55 PM. Testing locations will be posted on campus.  In the morning, staff will be available to help direct students to their testing locations.  After testing, all 8th-grade students will go to 1st – 4th periods on Thursday and 5th – 8th periods on Friday, including virtual and in-person students. An email was sent to families of Virtual Students. 7th-grade students will be at home learning asynchronously.  7th-grade attendance will be taken through assignment completion. 
Thursday, May 6: 8th grade only. (7th grade at home)

  • Testing Rooms            8:45-12:55
  • 1st Period                   1:00-1:45
  • 2nd Period                  1:50-2:35
  • 3rd Period                   2:40-3:25
  • 4th Period                   3:30-4:15

Friday, May 7: 8th grade only. (7th grade at home)

  • Testing Rooms            8:45-12:55
  • 5th Period                    1:00-1:45
  • 6th Period                    1:50-2:35
  • 7th Period                    2:40-3:25
  • 8th Period                    3:30-4:15

Lunch Schedule:

  • C Hall                          11:15-11:45
  • D Hall                          11:50-12:20
  • Virtual Students           12:25-12:55

1. Will testing affect the arrival to Jobe?
a. No. Students will arrive at Jobe following normal procedures. Breakfast will be in the cafeteria while all other students are socially distanced in the gyms. There are no tutorials on testing days. Students will be allowed in their testing rooms at 8:36 am.
2. Will my student need to wear a mask and social distance?
a. All students and staff are required to wear a mask.  We will continue all health and safety protocols during testing. Please see the Jobe Health and Safety Protocols Addendum for additional information.
3. How will lunch work on testing days?
a.    Students will have a different seat at lunch during testing and may attend lunch at a different time depending on their testing location. Their teacher in the testing room will communicate their new seat in the cafeteria.
4. Do students need to bring anything for testing?
a. Students are encouraged to bring a book to read after testing. Cell phones and other devices will need to be placed in their binder or backpack.  All binders, backpacks, and other belongings will be placed in an alternate location in the classroom.  Students will attend regular classes after testing so ensure they have Chromebooks and other normal materials.
Please feel free to call us at 682-314-4400 or email the appropriate grade level AP or counselor if you have any questions or concerns regarding state testing at Jobe. 
7th Grade Counselor: Lauren Knox (
7th Grade Assistant Principal: Glenn Adams (
8th Grade Counselor: Lisa Parker (
8th Grade Assistant Principal: Tiffany Majors (
Thank you for your support,
Joseph Harmonson